Burgeree Leads with ECO-ART to Realize a Metamorphosis of a Life and Create Endless Possibilities
2024-05-31 23:34:41

      Turning into a butterfly means a metamorphosis and rebirth of a life.Each metamorphosis is a rebirth of a life.A butterfly will not come out of the cocoon until it gets through the molting period.Then the butterfly can keep dancing in flowers.

      Ecological sustainability will certainly play a decisive role in future urban planning, so materials engineering will hold an important position in the improvement of the city building environment. How to design sound absorption products with high performance and ecological resilience? How to improve the quality of urban life by these products? Both are the main goals for the future acoustic design at Burgeree.

      Available resources on the earth present the trend of the recession. Hence, with the continuous implementation of sustainability, we should think outside the box to promote the sustainable use of resources. Building such a corporate vision, Burgeree persists in the use of PET to make efforts for urban sustainable development and advocate a green lifestyle.

      From discarded plastic bottles to acoustic arts, we embrace a green life in urban areas with pioneering spirit and environmental protection concepts. The beauty of Burgeree is found in its gorgeous metamorphosis.So let’s feel the beauty of metamorphosis!

      The metamorphosis of butterflies is a poem about rebirth and beauty in nature. Since its inception in 2007, Burgeree has continued to break its cocoon and advance with technological and design innovation in architectural acoustic materials. With the mission of “Listening to more beautiful life”, Burgeree shoulders the social responsibility of green, low-carbon, and eco-friendly development and establishes a complete environmental management system. At least half of the product ingredients are from recycled plastic bottles, with 300 million consumed annually, thus reducing the pollutant emissions of about 10, 000 tons a year. Burgeree actively promotes advanced technologies, carries out low-carbon and energy-saving projects, and realizes the metamorphosis of its products, developing towards a healthy, stable and sustainable future.

      Embracing nature and being inspired by insects, Burgeree will carry out an eco-art exhibition with creative furniture made from 100% recyclable materials in Design Shanghai 2024. Burgeree has teamed up with renowned Harvard architects KYUMAN SONG and Gu Jia (Scale Forest Atelier) to bring a natural visual feast, presenting ecologically sustainable architectural acoustic materials, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in how materials express the beauty of nature.

      Just like the metamorphosis of butterflies, Burgeree is also in the process of designing adjustments and technological transformation to bring the world the beauty of acoustic art.

      June 19-22, 2024 Welcome to Design Shanghai 4F21. May you rest your soul at Burgeree and Let the seeds of beauty germinate under the nourishment of each encounter!